Stubbins Food – a better approach to food services

Stubbins Food provide an exciting new approach to the food services industry, forming truly valuable partnerships with customers, giving them the confidence to run their businesses effectively.

We offer a complete service dedicated to supplying high quality fresh and frozen food products to restaurants, hotels, snack bars and other food service operations. Click below to explore the full product range.

Our Products

We offer a wide range of Authentic Innovative Quality Foods which are available for you all on one delivery. We specialise in and provide a variety of Italian cakes, gelato and desserts which are all manufactured in Italy. Our pasta range is also very extensive as we provide variety of different shapes and fillings to suit any type of menu.


In addition to this we also supply a wide range of fish and sea food from all over the world enabling you to create diverse and unique meals for your customers. We work closely with our suppliers to innovate and create new frozen products which we look to pass onto you, giving you the latest products to hit the market.

Innovative food products – An exciting and innovative range of quality frozen foods
The quality foods that you need – The highest quality foods delivered directly to you
Delivered when you need it – Industry leading logistics ensure all of our deliveries are on time