Fast Deliveries With Low Emissions

London DeliveryNot everyone is properly equipped to distribute and deliver throughout the London area. It’s a city that presents unique challenges.

Ninety percent of our deliveries are made inside the M25, where London’s Low Emission Zone, Congestion Zone and strict unloading regulations mean that for our customers to receive their deliveries on time, we have to know our onions and our streets. Stubbins Food’s fleet of vehicles is perfectly tailored to meet the unique demands of the Capital.

Live Vehicle Tracking

Base TrackingA range of vehicle sizes means that we can negotiate the narrow streets of the City and Soho, yet still carry the weight of goods you need.

Our drivers need to know the streets like the back of their hand and are supported by a back office in constant contact, there to offer help at the push of a button. All vehicles are fitted with trackers so that we can keep you informed on the progress of your delivery.

Temperature Controlled Distribution

MercedesDelivery isn’t just about time. You want to receive your goods in prime condition, so our vehicles have multiple compartments at temperatures to best suit the products on board.

Vehicles carry temperature recorders that measure the temperature of your goods every ten minutes that can alert us early to any problem and for your own due diligence the driver can provide you with a print of the temperature at the time of delivery. All these measures provide assurance when you are dealing with Stubbins Food Partnerships.

Highly Trained Drivers

In Cab TrackingThe Stubbins Food transport operation is supported by Logistic Partnerships, a fleet of over 200 vehicles with the expertise to keep our vehicles rolling and back on the road as soon as possible.

Road safety and environmental impact are a high priority, especially in London. Working in partnership with Transport for London and the Mayor of London, drivers receive training to increase awareness of vulnerable road users and techniques for safe and fuel efficient driving (SAFED).